The mission of Alanna Morris-Van Tassel Productions is to produce uplifting and inspiring stories of the human experience through collaborative solo performance, education and community building, and to partner with local and international artists and organizations that share a similar vision. 


touring 2019/2020

"Yam, Potatoe an Fish!"
Gibney Dance Company’s GDC Curated 19/20
New York. June 2020


“After years of astounding performances with TU Dance, in which her emotional bravery matched her aesthetic integrity, Alanna Morris-Van Tassel ventured out on her own. And what a debut it was. In her solo, “Yam, Potatoe an Fish!”she delved into notions of home, displacement, race, and memory to create a personal cultural history that rang with universal truths. She found inspiration in her family’s migration from the Caribbean to Brooklyn, as well as her grandmother’sYoruba-influenced Spiritual Baptist faith. Through her own body—athletic, articulate, and full of grace—she generated a movement vocabulary infused with muscular power and soul-soothing prayer.”

-City Pages, Best Choreographer (2019)
Photo: Galen Higgins Design and Illustration: Donald Thomas

Photo: Galen Higgins Design and Illustration: Donald Thomas

On Oct 18-21 AMVTP presented an evening of 3 solos sharing deeply personal stories of Caribbean diaspora experience at Off-Leash Area's Art Box (Minneapolis) to 4 sold-out shows. This solo work garnered me a Best of Dance 2018 from The Star Tribune; City Pages Artists of The Year 2018 and City Pages Best Choreographer 2019.

“Yam, Potatoe an Fish!” Former TU dancer Alanna Morris-Van Tassel stepped into the realm of dance-making with gusto, using her considerable gifts as a performer to fuel her choreographic voice.
— Star Tribune, "Yam, Potatoe an Fish!" Best of Dance 2018
Her lone body carves a place for itself within the gallery walls, crossing borders, oceans, and generations—tracing a path to a place that might be home. When she starts stepping, I remember girlhood dance circles, baby teeth scraping sweetness off mango seeds, the scent of immaculate plaits laced in hair oil, the sound of bubble hair ties clinking together offering their own giddy percussion. I want to step in, responding to the call of her movements and phrases with my own body’s cry-song for home. Three children with curly crowns and brown skin play. Cupping their hands, they peer through the glass wall outside. They grin as if they, too, can see the home-place dancer Alanna Morris-Van Tassel has conjured—its intricate cartography charted with her bare feet.
— Nicole Asong Nfonoyim-Hara (Mn Artists Presents: Jovan C. Speller, Choosing Home: A Right, A Privilege or an Act of Trespass, Walker Art Center) Alanna Morris-Van Tassel's "Yam, Potatoe an Fish!" [excerpt] (2018)
Wherever you find her, Morris-Van Tassel embodies the power of dance to create deep and lasting connections where words cannot.
— Camille LeFevre (Dance Magazine's "25 to Watch!") (2018)
“It was anchored by a powerhouse performance from Alanna Morris-Van Tassel, leading the troupe’s terrific women…”
— Miami Herald, Uri Sands’ “One” (2014)
“Perhaps Alanna Morris-Van Tassel best captured the spirit of Matter in a solo where, wrapped in an American flag, she presented a body unhinged, vulnerable, and despairing.”
— City Pages, Uri Sands' "Matter" (2017)
“...a daring exposé of body and soul...she unearthed a vital spirit that bore no pretense and was bewitching to behold.”
— Star Tribune, Idan Sharabi's "Solo un poco." (2016)