Adult Dance Classes in Saint Paul:


WED APRIL 3 - MAY 15, 2019


(Reg opens Dec 3!)

My teaching practice is culturally rich, intellectually inquisitive, and spiritually sensitive.

I have developed a dynamic, flowing and energizing class in African Diasporic dance forms that free the body and spirit while challenging dancers rhythmically and encouraging an embodied excavation of the roots of contemporary dance and music that originated in Africa. 

  • all experiences/levels

  • always affordable

  • high energy and vigorous

  • live drumming

  • community-based, loving and uplifting


Youth Dance classes and Residencies (K-8) throughout the Twin Cities:

I use the creative arts, imagination and play as a launchpad to provide experiences for young people that facilitate learning

Some partnering arts and educational organizations

“Alanna Morris-Van Tassel brings world class dancing ability—and a global sensibility—to every classroom she visits. She’s great at directing the energy of either individual kids or a rambunctious group into productive learning and deepened curriculum connections.”

-Daniel Gabriel, former Arts Program Director, COMPAS
“Alanna has the “it” factor when it comes to teaching and working with youth. Her passion for dance is evidenced when you see her interact with the young people taking her classes. Somehow she is able to take their fear, and through movement, turn it into fearlessness. Alanna not only teaches movement, but life skills.”

-Kristy Pierce,

Cultural Specialist, Battle Creek Middle School
“Miss Alanna holds a pivotal role in my son’s life. He was diagnosed with blindness in his left eye when he was three years-old and has been through various therapies to help him move through and explore the world. Despite regaining the vision in his eye, he continues to struggle with balance, coordination and stamina and lacks depth perception and peripheral vision. Amazingly, after only one semester of dance with Miss Alanna, he has increased his bodily awareness and is one of the first students to explore three dimensional space. His occupational therapist noticed his advancement during his annual evaluation and she was extremely impressed with his ability to balance and move his body smoothly. The only thing that had changed in his life was the addition of dance and Miss Alanna’s unique teaching style. She is constantly pushing the kids to explore the physical space with their bodies in interesting and creative ways. She has definitely given my son the confidence and motivation he needs to explore his world. I am so thankful to have her in our lives and look forward to the progress my son will make this year.”

-Parent, TU Dance Center
“Alanna builds community when teaching her dance classes. Everyone is welcome and included, no matter your age, level of experience, shape, size, whatever ! Her enthusiasm and energy is very infectious.”

-Adult student, African-based Movement
“I have always been thrilled by the way Alanna teaches children dance using abundant creativity and commitment to her work. She connects with children of all ages cognitively, socially and emotionally meeting them where they are at that time in their lives. Alanna challenges them to imagine, create and learn stretching them to succeed. I’m excited by the energy and joy she brings into the classroom as well as ability to plan lessons that are creative and challenging. She is a masterful teacher!”
— Julia Sutter, MA in Early Childhood Development and Education, Loyola University, Chicago
I believe that by tapping into individual learning strengths, children will develop confidence in their own voice and gifts and the competence to share those gifts with the world.
— Alanna Morris-Van Tassel