Full Circle...

Today I realized I have come full circle in my solo journey.  Or rather that I have completed some sort of cycle. Exactly one year ago today I completed 10 years with TU Dance.  Meaning, I gave my last performance, honored by flowers and a standing ovation.  A writer from The Star Tribune wrote that I danced a "devastating solo" in Uri Sands' Matter...

Immediately after that moment my life went into free fall.  I found myself in a financial bind...stress in my personal life...anxiety about the unknown.  I sought support and healing. I joined a special 8-week mindfulness class for folks who suffer from anxiety and depression.  I began seeing a counselor and joined a support group whose name shall remain Anonymous.

Then my life changed when I got to Trinidad.  I came face to face with myself and through my month-long Catharsis residency and subsequent visit in November, I've come through highs and lows, defeats and triumphs, sweet and bitter moments.  

I bought a journal at the end of last summer, and like I used to do as a kid, wrote in its last page the words I wanted my future self to remember:

"I came here [Trinidad] to:

1. Re-discover, re-define my Afro-Caribbean identity without the white gaze or program structure

2.  Heal

3.  Learn how to get back to loving myself

4.  Find and re-discover the old me (from my youth)

5. Begin working on a new piece, a collaborative performance art project for performers, myself and sister, Elyse Morris with the support of my Caribbean community, family and friends."


Please God (as we say) I can premiere my solo project, "Yam, Potatoe an Fish!" this year.  This work is ready for the stage!  After three showings (Arima, September 2017; Brooklyn, January 2018; Saint Paul, April 2018) and Port of Spain this July--by building community support and soliciting feedback I am confident that this is the right work at the right moment.

I need to see it in all its glory!  And I need to see it in conversation with the other works on my solo program--2015 McKnight SOLO commission by Idan Sharabi and 2017 commission by Jamie Philbert.  

Long Journey Home: an evening of solos exploring Home, Identity and Displacement.


TU Dance Company, April 30, 2017

TU Dance Company, April 30, 2017

Journal entry September 2017

Journal entry September 2017