"God is a Trini."

Day Four: Saturday 9/9

My transition to Trinidad's flow was so momentous that it really took a few days to fully be present in my body here and to let go of the baggage from my life in the States.  It is what it is.

Today was my first day in the studio with Jamie.  I am in the presence of a powerful woman.   The dance that I am learning is an autobiographical performance piece for Jamie that dovetails with my first-generation immigrant experience.  How I wish I had a year here to be fully immersed in the culture and to thoroughly research "Yam, Potatoe an Fish!"  As it were, my task is to utilize the time well, and, to that end, I will discover what I will accomplish here.  Slowly but surely the flow of this place is starting to make sense to me.   Trinidad is many things.  It feels more like a South American city than an idyllic Caribbean island, someone recently said to me.  It is modern; it is historic.  It is poor; it is rich.  It is diverse, and yet, there is a communal understanding shared between its people.  It is wild and messy, orderly and divine.  The people here are accepting, yet particular.  

New developments :

Sunday Sept 17 Alanna's Afro-Modern Workshop in Arima for ages 12 and up at East Yard.

Saturday Sept 23 Alanna's Afro-Modern children's dance class and solo performance at Santa Rosa park

NEW duet with Alanna Morris-Van Tassel and Anna Noel, performance 9/23