Conceptualizing "Yam, Potatoe an' Fish!" and Mr. Burton Sankeralli

Day 16: Thursday September 21

We are approaching the public sharing.  I finished a sound score for "Yam, Potatoe an' Fish!" on Thursday and will solidify my movement sketches for the Home section in the studio on Friday.   This Saturday I will be sharing an excerpt of a section of Jamie Philbert's Assimilation Of My Tongue, Catharsis, as well as a duet for myself and local dancer, Anna Noel, an invocation for the Orisha Eleggua and prayer for Trinidad.  The public showing is the perfect culmination of this residency and necessary to build community and an audience, both for my work and for Art On Purpose. 

Thursday evening I had the pleasure of Mr. Burton Sankeralli's company, Trinidadian philosopher and chantwelle.  We had an awesome time in the interview and listening to soca from the 70's and 80's, materials which will make themselves into YPF.  (And for my American audience, you can assume that all socializing in Trinidad happens over drinks. This is assumed knowledge.)

Thank you Burton for lending your voice and ideas to this project.

I look forward to returning to the island for Part 2.

Note: On Friday September 22 I make an appearance on the front page of the Arts section for the Trinidad Guardian.  An photo is included.